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“Thrilling anime series with Goku and friends facing powerful foes, unlocking new transformations, and exploring the multiverse in epic battles.”

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The “Dragon Ball Super” manga is published in Japan by Shueisha and has been serialized in the monthly magazine “V Jump.” As the manga progressed, collected volumes, or tankobon, were released. Each tankobon typically compiles several chapters of the manga.

The manga closely follows the story arcs of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime, including the Battle of Gods Saga, Resurrection ‘F’ Saga, Universe 6 Saga, Future Trunks Saga, and Universe Survival Saga, among others.

  1. Title: Dragon Ball Super
  2. Author: Akira Toriyama (original story), Toyotarou (manga illustrator)
  3. Publisher: Shueisha
  4. Serialized in: V Jump (monthly manga magazine)
  5. Publication Date: The manga serialization began in June 2015.

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